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The Essence of Time – Raleigh

For the final project of my First Year Experience (F.Y.E) studio at N.C. State we were instructed to create a 1-2 minute video that accentuated an art movement that we chose earlier in the year to research, mine being Pop Art. Then selecting an artist or director that created a video that we chose.

The artist I chose from the Pop Art movement was Keith Haring, who if you don’t know did many murals and other art forms in big cities and the inspirational video I chose was one of Dominic Boudreault’s timelapse’s. (

Over 12 days I completed the first step of the project which was taking pictures. I then moved over around 10,000 pictures to my computer, edited them, put them together and created the final product.



Welcome All!

Welcome to the blog, I started this to showcase my work and to have an easy way to show others everything I have done. 

Thanks for stopping by!